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Face taping: what to use it for and how to use it

Face taping comes to the rescue to counteract dark circles under the eyes and puffiness and to ensure relaxation of the face. read more
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Pros and cons of training in the pool

Swimming is a complete sporting discipline: doctors say so, and science confirms it too. read more
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What is important to consider in female training?

Women's workouts differ significantly from men's, especially regarding physical conformation. read more
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Proprioceptive gymnastics: what is it and what is it for?

When discussing rehabilitation of the athletic body, it is impossible to avoid discussing proprioceptive gymnastics, i.e., a series of exercises focusing on movement and one's conception of space and balance. read more
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Partner training: having fun and staying fit

Pair training consists of a series of workout sessions done with a partner. read more
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Epicondylitis or tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is the most common cause of elbow pain, but it does not only affect tennis players. read more
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Ankle sprain: 5 natural remedies

Pain gives you no peace of mind? Here are some natural remedies for sprained ankles to accompany your proper therapy read more
News and Curiosity

Chocolate and sport for an energizing diet

Incorporating chocolate into the diet helps you get the proper nutrients and regain strength after intense physical activity. read more
News and Curiosity

The Medica Fair ’18 reported by Sixtus Italia | Blog Sixtus Italia

For years now, Düsseldorf Medica fair attracts companies from all over the world: it’s an important meeting opportunity for medical professionals. Here is the 2018 edition as reported by Sixtus Italia.

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News and Curiosity

A fast break with Sixtus Italia!

A movement that can now also count on the collaboration with Sixtus Italia: our legendary bag will in fact become part of the pink basketball team thanks to the agreement signed in recent weeks with the Women's Basketball League.

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News and Curiosity

Viola (Purple) dominates women’s football

The scientific director Cristina Scaletti tells us about the secrets of the Fiorentina Women's successes.

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News and Curiosity

Interview with Professor Andrea Ferretti, Head of Area Medica Azzurra (Italian Medical Area)

"The club doctor is actually the player's personal doctor, while the national doctor is a bit like the emergency room doctor”.

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