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The benefits of a CrossFit workout

CrossFit is that all-around workout for the athlete's body read more
News and Curiosity

Autogenic training: what it is and its benefits for sports

Not only a technique for stress management in psychotherapy: autogenic training can make a difference in an athlete's training. read more
News and Curiosity

Lazy children and sports: the best physical activities to combat childhood laziness

Today, children spend more and more time indoors in front of a computer screen, tablet, or cell phone, neglecting physical activity. In this way, they develop laziness and inactivity, which carries over into everyday life. However, involving children in sports can benefit their health and development. read more
News and Curiosity

What are the best back and lats exercises with dumbbells?

Dumbbells are an excellent tool for training the back and lats. Let's find out what the best exercises to are. Training the back and lats is essential for sports professionals and anyone involved in sports medicine. A strong, well-developed back improves athletic performance and helps prevent injuries and muscle problems. read more
News and Curiosity

How to best train your abdominal muscles

A good abdominal workout isn't only effective for a sculpted physique but helps your posture. Here are the best exercises to train this part of your body. The abs are one of the most essential muscle groups for athletes and sports professionals. According to many, they are the most important building block to ensure a well-defined and sculpted physique and to burn excess calories. Training the abs not only helps to influence metabolism and improve athletic performance but also helps to prevent injuries and improve posture. This is why it is important to understand how to train the abs best and which exercises to focus on for best results. read more
News and Curiosity

What are the best sports for summer?

The warm season is here, and with it, a host of summer sports to experience read more
News and Curiosity

Lymphatic drainage massage: how best to perform it?

Help awaken the lymphatic system with a proper lymphatic drainage massage. Here are tips on how best to perform it. read more
News and Curiosity

Gymnastics in pregnancy: 5 useful tips for a correct workout

When you are expecting, it doesn't mean performing some physical activity is no longer possible! Here are some exercises you can do during pregnancy. read more
News and Curiosity

Face taping: what to use it for and how to use it

Face taping comes to the rescue to counteract dark circles under the eyes and puffiness and to ensure relaxation of the face. read more
News and Curiosity

Pros and cons of training in the pool

Swimming is a complete sporting discipline: doctors say so, and science confirms it too. read more
News and Curiosity

What is important to consider in female training?

Women's workouts differ significantly from men's, especially regarding physical conformation. read more
News and Curiosity

Proprioceptive gymnastics: what is it and what is it for?

When discussing rehabilitation of the athletic body, it is impossible to avoid discussing proprioceptive gymnastics, i.e., a series of exercises focusing on movement and one's conception of space and balance. read more
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