and proprioceptive taping

Neuromuscular taping stimulates the body's self-healing

The neuromuscular and proprioceptive taping method is based on a rehabilitation taping technique that can contribute to a self-healing process of the body. This is achieved through the stimulation of improved blood and lymph circulation and improved muscle function in the area being treated.

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Neuromuscular Taping


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An ally for pain relief

In sports medicine and physiotherapy, neuromuscular and proprioceptive bandaging is considered a valuable support in the treatment of muscle microtrauma, ensuring recovery and becoming an important ally in pain therapy.

Frequently asked questions

How is neuromuscular taping applied?


Neuromuscular taping consists of a cotton and spandex backing and is 140% stretchable. Its application on the skin produces micro-movements of the taping that stimulate the skin receptors and those of the underlying layers, resulting in a reflex muscular response. The bandage is applied with varying degrees of tension: it all depends on the desired therapeutic effect. The form in which it is used follows the following designs: I-shaped with near/distal deposition; I-shaped with central deposition; V- or Y-shaped; W-shaped; octagonal.

When should neuromuscular taping be used?


Neuromuscular taping is primarily used in physiotherapy and sports. In physiotherapy there is a wide range of applications aimed at reducing pain and inflammatory syndromes and facilitating rehabilitation. In sports, on the other hand, neuromuscular taping is mainly used for stabilizing and decompressing muscles and joints, as well as reinforcing them in order to prevent injuries. More recently, neuromuscular taping is being used in aesthetics under the name of face taping, i.e. a non-invasive aesthetic treatment performed by applying the tape on strategic points of the face to improve blood and lymphatic circulation and to facilitate muscle function. It is an excellent anti-ageing facial treatment because it helps to relax, tone and drain face tissues. This type of technique must be performed by a professional.

What are the benefits of neuromuscular taping?


By acting on the skin, muscles, venous system, lymphatic system and joints, neuromuscular taping provides several benefits that vary depending on the type of goal one wants to achieve:

  • Improves muscle contraction
  • Reduces muscle fatigue
  • Reduces excessive muscle extension and contraction
  • Reduces muscle cramps
  • Relieves pain
  • Improves blood and lymph circulation
  • Reduces inflammation due to muscle overload
  • Activates the spinal inhibitor system
  • Corrects the joint by reducing spasms
  • Corrects postural and functional dysfunctions
  • Normalises muscle tone.

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