About us

Working alongside athletes and professionals

What is sport for Sixtus Italia?

It is competition, it is sweat, it is passion, it is health, but above all it is a constant teamwork between professionals and athletes. There is only one mission: the well-being of the body and the achievement of goals. To get there, you have to know the commitment and work behind each goal. And that’s when we come into play.


Reaching the finish line together

Sixtus Italia was born out of courage and the ability to be ahead of the times. Since 1974 we have been helping athletes and health professionals by providing products and equipment that guarantee physical well-being. We provide sports professionals with the means and tools to help athletes climb towards their goals. We operate in the Italian market for direct distribution to sports clubs, shops, medical and physiotherapy institutions. Success is built day by day with training, prevention and full recovery from injuries.

We value health and research

Health, well-being and healthy competition are the founding values of any sports discipline and that is how we view competitive level sports as well.

Physical well-being is just as important as healthy competition and fairness between clubs and athletes. For this reason, Sixtus Italia’s commitment goes beyond its own activities: through our communication channels we wish to convey to young people the importance of sport as a means of social cohesion, inclusiveness and acceptance of others. But above all, we inform about the physical properties of the sporting body and provide advice and suggestions to enable medical professionals and physiotherapists to work optimally.


Sixtus’ ideas and missions

Creating products for physical well-being means first and foremost trying to understand the needs and anticipate the requirements of people working in sport. We question and challenge every choice, searching for a better idea. We dedicate our resources to training and updating doctors and physiotherapists because keeping up with the times and experimenting with new solutions is the trump card in sport and research.


We commit not only to sport

The sports culture is reflected in every area of our work. Respect, cohesion and teamwork have been constant for more than 40 years. Moreover, with more than 50 per cent pink quotas among our employees, we ensure the promotion and protection of equal opportunities. We strongly believe in the importance and value of women’s skills, a real company strength.

We support and carry out charity work in favour of the Meyer Children’s Hospital Foundation in Florence, Italy. The Foundation’s activities are the mirror image of ours: continuous efforts to improve research, technology and innovation for the well-being of children.


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