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Neutral creams and oils for any type of massage

Creams and oils are suitable for any type of massage. In particular, they are recommended for fascial manipulations, unblocking and massage techniques. They provide greater comfort during treatment for both the patient (less irritation on the treated area) and physiotherapist (less physical strain).

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Essential oils

Neutral oil

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Neutral hypoallergenic professional massage oil

Neutral Cream

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Neutral emulsion for prolonged massages with high smoothness.



Neutral Oil dispenser

Neutral Oil dispenser

What are neutral creams and oils indicated for?

Neutral creams and oils are suitable for fascial manipulation, unblocking and massage techniques. Their aim is to provide a professional sports massage that ensures greater comfort for the athlete, while reducing pain in the treated area.

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How should you choose massage oil?


Massage oils are chosen on the basis of the athlete’s need and the treatment required. Their formulation contains natural ingredients and is designed to minimise allergy risks. During massages, use hypoallergenic and fragrance-free neutral oils, which are suitable for prolonged massages, penetrate the skin well and are suitable for mixing with other products.

For a relaxing massages, use bitter oil with lavender, orange, bergamot and lemon extracts to reduce stress and muscle fatigue. For a thermo-activating effect, on the other hand, it is advisable to use essential oils with marjoram, eucalyptus, thyme and Siberian fir extract, whose properties help to increase the temperature in the area being treated. Finally, essential oils with plant extracts of sage officinalis, peppermint and rosemary are ideal for toning and help increase muscle elasticity.

How to use massage oil?


Apart from using the right oil for sport massages, there is an important rule to follow: do not apply the oil directly on the athlete’s skin. It must first be poured in the hands of the physiotherapist and then applied to the area being treated. The right amount of product must be used to avoid hindering the massage performance.

The massage oil must be chosen on the basis of the individual’s needs and the desired effect.

Which oil should be used for a relaxing massage?


A relaxing massage, also called decontracting massage, helps to release muscle tension and contractures after excessive physical activity. This type of massage focuses on a specific part of the body (in most cases, the lower limbs, back and lumbar area) that is prone to contracture. A decontracting massage uses both pressure and rubbing to ease the contracture and helps to restore normal muscle tone.

This type of massage should be done with an oil that uses natural extracts to relax and cool the skin, thus combating muscle fatigue and stress.

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