Treatment and First Aid

Instant cold packs
and spray

Instant cold immediately soothes pain caused by bruises or falls

Instant cold spray is the ideal solution for reducing pain following sprains, traumas or contusions. Due to the fact that it is ready to use, it is mainly used in cases of haematomas, contusions, dislocations, sprains, fractures, muscle tears, tendonitis and strains. This is because it delays the creation of oedemas and reduces swelling due to the vasoconstrictive action of the cold. Spray ice should be used up to two weeks after the sprain.

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Ice Spray

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Ice Spray

Reusable hot/cold pack

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Dual-use reusable pack for hot or cold applications.

Polaris - instant cold

Instant cold

Hot-cold therapy for trauma

Ready-to-use cold sprays and packs help reduce swelling deriving from bruises and traumas due to their cooling properties. Hot-cold therapy is mainly used in emergency sports medicine, helping to safeguard the athletic body. Instant cold sprays and packs are ready-to-use and available for every need.

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