Fitness and Rehabilitation

and compact balls

Exercise balls can strengthen muscles and correct bad postures

Exercise balls are designed for improving the athlete's health and performance. They are an ideal tool for strengthening and relaxing muscles through specific strengthening and balance exercises. Exercise balls, or balance balls, are the perfect allies for fitness or stretching sessions. Their inflatable and soft construction makes them suitable for every sporting need.

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Thera Band Inflatable Ball

starting from 40,90 
Inflatable Ball

Thera-Band hand ball

starting from 28,44 
Hand exercise ball

Sixtus Inflatable ball

starting from 20,82 
Inflatable and compact balls

Compact ball

starting from 13,85 
Inflatable and compact balls

To improve posture and balance

In the fitness world, exercise balls help to strengthen muscles and relax the body by providing a stretching work-out. They are especially useful for improving posture and ensuring better balance

Frequently asked questions

What size exercise ball should I get?


The choice of gym ball size is based entirely on the athlete’s height and weight. All measurements can be found in the product details.

What exercises can I do with the exercise ball?


The most suitable exercises to do with exercise balls are postural exercises to improve balance and posture, but also muscle-strengthening and relaxation exercises after a stretching workout.

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