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Energy bars for sports

Energy bars are high-carb snacks, particularly suitable for aerobic or endurance sports with high calorie consumption. Their purpose is to help the athlete withstand an effort. But they are not limited to this: they are used as part of the athlete's diet.

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Energy Formula Multifruit

starting from 2,09 
Multifruit flavored energy bar rich in carbohydrates

Energy formula caffè

starting from 2,09 
Coffee flavored energy bar rich in carbohydrates

Energy Formula BCAA

starting from 2,09 
Energy bar made of puffed rice high in different glycemic index carbohydrates (80%), branched chain amino acids (BCM), Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12

For quick energy

Energy bars are rich in carbohydrates and are the ideal allies for those practising aerobic or endurance sports, such as cycling. They are designed to provide energy quickly, without impairing physical performance due to the rapid absorption of nutrients.

Frequently asked questions

What do energy bars contain?


Energy bars contain carbohydrates with different glycaemic indexes, which are important for their integrative function precisely because, by varying the nature of the carbohydrates within them, they are able to achieve rapid and continuous glycaemic restoration. In fact, they are dietary products that enable the supplementation of certain nutrients that can help the athlete’s body to withstand an effort.

When should energy bars be taken?


It is usually advisable to take it before starting physical activity, accompanied by plenty of water.

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