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Foot health starts with heel pads and insoles. Athletes' feet suffer the most stress. Give them a well deserved break with the right products

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Sorbothane Double Strike

Double strike insole designed for activities where the forefoot and heel are subjected to the greatest impacts.


Heel unit

Sorbothane Heel


Sorbothane Full Strike

Full strike insole designed for activities in which the whole foot is subjected to impacts, over its entire surface.

Ben Pes heel cup

Gel heel cup

Insoles and heel pads for maximum comfort

Insoles provide high comfort by protecting the feet from shocks and stresses during everyday activities and particullary during sports. Our products consist of a patented polymer with viscoelastic properties. This particular material mimics human tissue, both in terms of how it functions and the reaction generated under pressure. The material that composes it absorbs 94.7% of vibrations on impact and, despite the pressures generated by the weight and movements of the human body, regains its initial shape once no longer under stress and remains unaltered over time. The insoles combine immediate comfort with a high impact absorbtion capacity.

Frequently asked questions

How to cure heelonitis?


When seeking a remedy for heelonitis and a way to reduce the tension of the foot in the shoe, custom-made insoles and heel pads as well as the application of shockwave therapy can help to reduce inflammation.

In particular, the following treatment is recommended:

  • Apply ice
  • Replace footwear
  • Apply arnica cream or aloe vera gel to the area
  • Wear suitable insoles or heel pads

How to soften heels?


Since heel cracks are caused by excessive skin dryness, it is important to moisturise and nourish the skin with creams and treatments specifically made for that part of the body. A good remedy for softening heels is to use nourishing creams with formulas enriched with keratin, glycerine, hyaluronic acid and moisturising and smoothing substances such as urea. When necessary, it is good to use orthotics and insoles that will cushion any chafing and pressure on the feet.

How to clean heels?


The practice of foot baths is an excellent solution for treating cracked heel skin. A pumice stone can be rubbed gently against the callus to remove the thick, hard skin before applying a moisturiser.

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