Foot creams
and nail care

Creams and treatments for feet and nails

Your foot's health is very delicate: take good care of them! Using a foot cream adapted to your needs will help you beat cracked heels or dry feet, but never forget about treating your nails.

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Hand Lotion

Hand lotion for dry skin.

Footbath at the Pino Montano

starting from 12,95 
Footbath with protective, deodorant and refreshing effect

Balm for rhagades

starting from 15,57 
Intensive foot treatment in case of chapped skin or calluses

Balsam for feet forte

starting from 14,59 
Balm with emollient, softening and elasticizing action.

Chlorophyll balsam for feet

starting from 15,41 
Balm with a refreshing, toning and emollient action.

Foot balsam

Foot balm with a refreshing action and for the prevention of bad odors.

Nail oil

Restructuring nail treatment

Night nail oil

Night nail oil

Deo feet

Foot deodorant with natural essential oils with a deodorising and refreshing action

Day nail treatment

Protective and regenerating treatment for nails

The best for foot health

Foot health concerns everyone, athletes or not. Dry heels and dry feet require continuous, daily moisturising with foot creams that thoroughly nourish the skin, preventing calluses and reducing itching.

Frequently asked questions

Which cream should I use for cracked heels?


The problem of cracked heels is very common, mainly because that is where the skin tends to dry out and thicken the most. If left untreated, it can lead to a number of serious health problems for athletes and others. One solution is to use a cream for cracked heels with a moisturising action, applied by massaging the feet to help spread the product. It will not only help moisturise the foot, but also prevent the future occurrence of this problem,  thanks to the emollient and nourishing properties of oils extracted from medicinal plants, herbs and sunflowers.

Which cream should I use for dry feet?


Having dry feet is a very common condition due to dehydrated skin, which becomes dry, taut and cracked. Having dry feet is a very common condition due to dehydrated skin, which becomes dry, taut and cracked. Additionally, the friction caused by footwear against the skin also contributes to the onset of this problem.

To prevent the skin on the feet from drying out and cracks and calluses from appearing, it is best to moisturise the area using a special cream for dry feet: its moisturising action, guaranteed by the emollient properties and oils extracted from medicinal plants, helps to nourish the skin, keeping it soft and healthy.

What to do about dry feet?


There are numerous solutions to avoid the problem of dry feet:

  • Take a foot bath using a mild body soap or a few drops of essential oil of mint or eucalyptus
  • Exfoliate the hardened skin by rubbing it with a pumice stone or a special sponge
  • Use foot creams
  • Moisturise the skin with a special cream for dry feet

What is the best foot cream?


Corns, calluses, cracked feet and dry feet: these are problems that affect the activities of athletes and others. The most suitable solution lies in the use of specific creams for the feet, each suited to a different ailment. In most cases, moisturising foot creams are used, capable of nourishing the skin and preventing future foot problems.

Which kind of treatment should I use for my nails?


The nails are also a very fragile area of the foot: if they are not cared for properly, they risk flaking off and worsening the situation of the foot. When these problems occur, specific products are used to be applied directly on the nail and cuticles to ensure a protective, restructuring and nourishing action

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