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Operating in the sector since 1974

We have been placing our professionalism and passion at the disposal of athletes and operators in the medical physiotherapy field for over 40 years.

3,000 sports clubs

3,000 sports clubs have chosen Sixtus Italia, well aware of the importance of prevention and health.

30 countries worldwide

30 countries worldwide have provided our company with an international presence, allowing us to grow without limits.

60 distributors

60 distributors help guarantee the widespread sales network of products selected by Sixtus Italia.

4,000 physiotherapies

4,000 physiotherapies offer customised programmes, thanks to the work of serious “health professionals”.

800 products

We offer over 800 products dedicated to the physical and mental well-being of athletes and patients, designed to support the work of specialists operating in the medical-physiotherapy sector.

"Take care of your body,
it's the only place you have to live."