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Neutral creams and oils for professional massages

A pre-event sports massages is a necessary step in the athlete's preparation for physical exertion. This type of massage has the important function of preventing or minimising possible muscle trauma or injuries.

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Tonic oil for pre-competition thermoregulatory massage

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Refreshing massage oil

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Warming massage cream

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Tonic oil for pre-competition thermoregulatory massage

What is the purpose of sports massage?

The pre-event sports massage helps to prepare the athlete for physical exertion. The manoeuveurs are brisk but never too deep to encourage vascularisation and increase muscle temperature. It does not replace, but rather accompanies the warm-up phase, increasing its benefits and preparing the athlete for the competition he or she will face.

Pre-event creams (also called warm-up creams) are used by athletes to improve their performance during the training phase, but above all to prepare the muscle for exertion. They are also an excellent help for those suffering from muscle stiffness since they help to loosen up the muscles.

A warming muscle massage cream produces a pleasant sensation of warmth in the area where it is applied.

Frequently asked questions

What are the ingredients in muscle massage creams?


A muscle massage cream is composed of essential oils and phyto-components with a warming and dermoprotective action, which quickly prepare you for a competition without requiring a prolonged massage.

Other creams, on the other hand, are designed for those who practise sports at low temperatures and in moist environments, such as aquatic disciplines. When applied, these creams create a protective and water-repellent patina that insulates and protects the skin from cold and moisture.

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