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During sports events and trainings, it is important to have the necessary medical supplies to deal with a possible injury. Our first aid range of products guarantees highly effective treatment and covers all supply needs from disinfectants for small and large wounds to the fundamental sanitising gels or wipes.

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Liquid disinfectant 250 ml

What is the disinfectant used for?

When it comes to wounds or skin injuries, it is important to know which medical products are suitable for first aid. Disinfectants are important allies when dealing with traumas of various kinds as they help to clean the wound and prevent any microorganisms from entering the body, causing more serious damage. However, before starting treatment, hands must be carefully cleaned with hand sanitiser to avoid the infection of the wound.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of wounds can be disinfected?


The first thing to do when dealing with a wound that needs to be disinfected is to try to understand its severity so that the right disinfectant products can be used. Superficial wounds can be treated in a domestic environment with the appropriate countermeasures. But when it comes to deep or penetrating wounds, the intervention of a professional, who will carry out all first aid treatment, is necessary. In fact, these types of wounds have a high risk of infection and can also cause significant blood loss.

How do you disinfect a wound?


In order to avoid any risk of wound infection and to promote healing, appropriate wound disinfectants should be used, together with sanitising products that prepare the medical professional for first aid treatment.

The first thing to do is to clean the practitioner’s hands with an appropriate sanitising gel, put on latex gloves and prepare all the necessary supplies. Next, clean the wound to remove any foreign bodies that may have entered it, such as soil residue, splinters or other material. The wound should be cleaned with water.

The area around the wound should then be disinfected with special products for the skin, such as hydrogen peroxide, disinfectants with rapid antibacterial action or bactericides and virucides for the proper disinfection of intact skin. The use of cotton wool is recommended for this procedure.

Once this step is complete and if the wound needs to be protected from the external environment, it can be covered with sterile, hypoallergenic bandages or gauze.

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