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Protein bars are a healthy and tasty snack to supplement your daily diet with more protein

Protein bars are food supplements that contain energy macronutrients designed to aid the athlete's performance. These snacks are an excellent alternative for regaining energy after a workout: a protein-rich bar counteracts muscle catabolism and restores energy. They are the ideal allies for those who practice sport!

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Protein bar cocco&cacao

starting from 2,55 
Low sugar protein bar (33%) with coconut flavor and covered with dark chocolate (45 g).

Energy Formula Protein Cacao

starting from 2,82 
Energy bar - cocoa taste - with a high protein content (38%) boosted with extra Leucine.

For an extra supply of protein

Protein bars are supplements that contain all the macronutrients needed to get the necessary protein intake. They come in various types: from sugar-free protein bars, to those with cocoa.

Frequently asked questions

What are protein bars for?


A protein-rich bar finds its main strength in its high protein content, thus becoming a nutrient for muscle mass and a healthy source of energy. This snack is especially recommended for those who practise sports, so as to help regain energy and muscle tone.

When should I eat protein bars?


Protein bars are a quick and convenient protein-rich snack that can be eaten after or before working out, providing the body with vital carbs before an intense training session. It is recommended to consume a high-protein bar in advance of physical activity, so the body is able to draw upon a constant supply of energy and avoid sugar crashes.

Do protein bars make you gain weight?


Protein-rich bars can contribute to weight gain only if they are part of an athlete’s hypercaloric diet and if a significant amount is consumed in relation to daily energy requirements.

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