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What are the best back and lats exercises with dumbbells?

1 How to get started
  • 1 How to get started
  • 2 How to train the back
  • 3 How to train the lats

    Workout with dumbbells: how to get started?

    When we talk about dumbbell training, we refer to a series of exercises involving the whole body, starting at any fitness level. Along with the exercises done with the kettlebell, dumbbells, too, bring together weight training, cardiovascular activity, and motor coordination in one workout. Due to the maneuverability of dumbbells, these exercises can be done either at home or in the gym, depending on one’s needs. Still, the weight of these objects should be adjusted to the athlete’s level of training.
    If you use them for the first time, start by doing three dumbbell sets for each exercise, reaching 10-15 repetitions, with a break between sets is good. The weight of the objects can increase over time, but at first, it is good to start with 0.5 kg and then go up.

    How to train the back with dumbbells

    The back is made up of numerous muscles of various sizes that are essential for keeping it strong and toned. A strong back protects the spine, improves posture, and prevents sudden strains and contractures. Exercises to strengthen it include bar pulls and various types of barbell rowing. Thanks to their versatility and convenient and portable shape, dumbells allow you to do an even better job. Here then are some exercises with dumbbells to train the back:

    • Dumbbell rower: the dumbbell rower is a crucial exercise for developing back strength and muscle mass. To perform it correctly, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. The torso should be bent forward while keeping the back straight with relaxed shoulders. Grasps the dumbbell and brings the arm down until the elbow forms a 90-degree angle. Lift the dumbbell upward, bringing the elbow closer to the body. Hold the position for a few seconds and then return to the floor, repeating the exercise for about ten repetitions and switching to the other arm.
    • Bench press rower with dumbbells: to perform this exercise, use a bench so that your body is tilted at a 45-degree angle from the ground. Once you are lying on it, hold the dumbbells in your hands, extend your legs backward, and lean your weight on your torso against the bench. Extend your arms downward, performing an exhalation and bringing the weights toward your chest. Hold the position by squeezing the shoulder blades and repeat the movement for 8 to 12 repetitions.
    • Walk with dumbbells raised above your head: this exercise works the back and shoulders and stabilizes the shoulder blade muscles. You have to hold a dumbbell in each hand, lifting the weights to your shoulders, then push them over your head so that your arms are raised upward, and your palms are facing each other. At that point, slowly walk forward while holding the weights steady and avoid lifting the shoulders. Perform three sets of 60 seconds each.

    How to train the lats with dumbbells

    When you train your back, you also train your lats, as they are part of it. They are responsible for extension, adduction, flexion, and internal rotation of the shoulder joint. Therefore, the following exercises with dumbbells are suitable for training both the lats and the back:

    • Dumbbell deadlift: this is a complete exercise involving the low back and lats and working on leg and core strength. The feet should be the same width as the shoulders and the dumbbells in front of you. Bend your knees and lower your torso while keeping your back straight and chest out. Next, grasp the dumbbells and lift them while keeping your back straight and pushing your hips forward in a standing position.
    • Pullover: to perform this exercise, it is essential to lie on the bench and bring the dumbbell to the height of your forehead with the arms extended. These rotate backward, reaching just past the head, trying to remain soft but straight. The downward and upward movement should be performed slowly to make the lats work.

    Training the back and lats with dumbbells is an effective way to improve strength and muscle mass. The above exercises are just a few of the many possible options, but they provide an excellent foundation for building a complete and balanced workout routine.

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