The injuries and healing

TECnosix Red Coral, the innovative portable device for diathermy

Effectiveness, quick results, easy-to-use, selectivity in the treatment action and energy saving. These are the five winning features of TECnosix Red Coral the innovative device for diathermy (born after a happy intuition on the Egyptian beach of Coral Bay) which allows you to perform many different physical and rehabilitative therapies with important results for the patient and safety for the operator. All thanks to a small size and light weight machine which makes it easy to transport and suitable for home treatment too. What are the distinctive aspects of the device? The objective of the TECnoSix Red Coral system is to optimise energy transmission to body tissues in terms of effectiveness, since it is possible to verify in real time the amount of energy actually absorbed by the body during treatment, of rapidity of result through the appropriate choice of applied power and exposure time of the patient to the treatment, of ease of use, thanks to an easy, intuitive and functional interface with the operator, of being able to easily select the treatment on the different areas of the body, choosing between the various work frequencies, and not least of energy saving, through a highly efficient system which makes almost all the energy absorbed from the network available for the treatment. An innovative device and at the same time one which is easy to use for physical and rehabilitative therapies.

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The injuries and healing

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The injuries and healing

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The injuries and healing

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