The injuries and healing

What are the most common injuries and how to deal with them in order to recover better? Find out about the latest technologies, the right products and our advice on what is best to do and what is best to avoid depending on the situation.

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The injuries and healing

Achilles tendon rupture: the best exercises to prevent it

The Achilles tendon is one of the strongest in the human body and therefore needs a lot of stress before rupturing. An Achilles tendon rupture (total or massive Achilles tendon injury) occurs when the tendon is suddenly subjected to excessive stress or repeated untreated injury. It usually tears completely, and partial rupture rarely occurs. The injury usually occurs at the narrowest point of the tendon, two to six centimeters above the base of the heel bone, in the so-called 'waist' of the Achilles tendon. Occasionally, a Achilles tendon rupture occurs in the area where it inserts on the heel. read more
The injuries and healing

Cervicogenic headache: how can physiotherapy intervene?

Cervicogenic headache syndrome can be very stressful in everyday life for those affected; let's find out how we can intervene. read more
The injuries and healing

What are the causes of head and neck pain?

Can't counteract the pain in your neck and head? Here's what you can do to help! read more
The injuries and healing

Ulnar tunnel (cubital) syndrome

Do the ring finger and little finger tingle? Is tingling present throughout the day? So-called cubital tunnel syndrome or ulnar groove syndrome often underlies these symptoms. Cubital tunnel syndrome occurs when a nerve in the arm is permanently compressed. Increased pressure on the sensitive ulnar nerve (nervus ulnaris) triggers the typical pain and sensory disturbances. If the ulnar nerve is compressed in the cubital tunnel, the fascial connective tissue is often stretched, and by loosening the tension in these structures, the "pinched" nerve gets more space again. Many people do not think about this until they notice a significant loss of strength in their hands. But it is necessary to see your doctor or specialist if these symptoms are present. Starting treatment right away to prevent further damage, with targeted exercises, can quickly improve the situation and ensure that symptoms are kept under control. read more
The injuries and healing

Post-traumatic arthritis of the knee: when injury is followed by disease

Post-traumatic arthritis is a progressive disease that evolves into osteoarthritis. Symptoms like pain and swelling tend to worsen if treatment is not sought. In the case of bone marrow edema and osteoarthritis, this can progress to bone necrosis and total loss of strength. Arthrosis of the knee joint is the most common form of osteoarthritis in Europe, along with osteoarthritis of the hip. Most of these are consequences of "normal" wear and tear osteoarthritis. Still, more than one-tenth of arthrosis (12 percent) develops due to joint injury and, thus post-traumatic arthrosis. read more
The injuries and healing

Lasègue maneuver or sign

A very useful maneuver to identify a possible stretching of the lumbo-sacral plexus. Let's find out immediately technique and utility. read more
The injuries and healing

What is diacutaneous fibrolysis?

Diacutaneous fibrolysis is an excellent method of treating tissue adhesions in the human body. Let's find out how to apply it in the right way. read more
Physiotherapy-urinary incontinence
The injuries and healing

Physiotherapy for urinary incontinence

The right methods and advice can help us to improve and manage the correct management of urinary incontinence. Let's find out right away. read more
The injuries and healing

Shoulder: rotator cuff tendon injury

A rotator cuff injury can result from an accident, i.e., a traumatic one. Let's find out how to intervene. read more
The injuries and healing

Padel and injuries

Padel is one of the most popular sports of the moment, which is why it is good to know the possible injuries it can cause. read more
Herniated lumbar disc
The injuries and healing

Herniated lumbar disc: what to do

Herniated lumbar disc occurs very frequently. Fortunately, physiotherapy can help. read more
The injuries and healing

Epicondylitis or tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is the most common cause of elbow pain, but it does not only affect tennis players. read more
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