The injuries and healing

Ortopedix, the innovation in orthopaedics for everyone

A new way of conceiving the orthopaedics sector to provide customers with a complete and avant-garde service through, on the one hand, the presence of specialised technicians with many years of experience behind them and on the other the use of forefront machines. Ortopedix is all of this, a a recently inaugurated centre in Prato (in via Firenze 40 F/G) which has applied a new philosophy to the concept of ""orthopaedic-medical products"" as we are used to knowing it.

The collaboration with Sixtus Italia

The last example is the collaboration started with Sixtus Italia for leasing Game Ready, the revolutionary machine which synergistically combines active compression and cold therapies, an easy-to-use small-sized machine but one with extraordinary skills to facilitate healing and to improve athletes' recovery. A machine that, thanks to the agreement between Sixtus Italia and Ortopedix, is within everyone's reach because now it is also possible to hire and use it according to the athlete's needs: "We thought of non-professional sportsmen or clubs with low budgets, who are not always able to buy a machine of this type: thanks to our offer you can use Game Ready in our premises or even at home, as Lorenzo Trentanove, managing director of Ortopedix, explains. An innovative agreement which confirms the company's desire to become a point of reference in the sector, through investments concerning state-of-the-art and technologically advanced machines, professional treatments and services and highly specialised personnel”, continues Trentanove.

The Ortopedix centre of Prato

Simply go to the Prato centre (a sales space of 250 square metres with two rooms for postural assessment and a part of warehouse and laboratory totalling a further 600 square metres) to understand the quality of the service offered. It ranges from awide choice of aids to the phlebology line with specialised staff and made-to-measure products, from the department dedicated to mastectomy and corsetry to the design and creation of busts and braces aimed at correcting postural problems, from footwear with customised insoles to the vast assortment of electro-medical equipment up to the line for children or the sector dedicated to orthopaedic braces for animals. And every choice is assessed thanks to the advice of professionals in the field and the use of advanced machinery (such as the 3D scan of the foot).

The link between the orthopaedic sector and the sports sector

When we decided to open Ortopedix, after a careful market study, we realised that not only is this an industry where there is a demand because the population is ageing and where there are still many Italian companies which make high-end products, but until now the sportsman stood on one side and orthopaedics on the other, while here you can find many products for sports together with the additional advice of an orthopaedic technician - says Trentanove. The link between the orthopaedic and the sports sectors was missing. Ortopedix is just that: a centre which gives answers to the orthopaedic-medical problems of people who want to rediscover well-being in their small daily gestures, but also to all those athletes, whether amateur or professional, who seek the best result from their performance. "A winning recipe because" after Prato, we hope to inaugurate new centres in Tuscany soon, concludes the managing director of Ortopedix.

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The injuries and healing

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The injuries and healing

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The injuries and healing

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