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    The Medica International Trade Fair, or simply “Medica”, represents the most important medical event in Europe, with two whole pavilions dedicated to physiotherapy and orthopedics. Every year this fair hosts professionals from all over the world and it’s an invaluable opportunity for different companies to meet.

    Sixtus Italia was present at the 2018 edition, as well as the previous ones. Medica is not only the perfect location to  showcase new products but also to get a glimpse of the future trends of the medical and physiotherapeutic market.
    Needless to say, events such as this one offer opportunities for new and important collaborations.

    2018 NEWS

    At Medica Düsseldorf, Sixtus Italia presented several updates on their electromedical devices, specifically designed to meet the exacting demands of professionals and patients alike.

    These new products are the culmination of a journey that began in 2017 and has pushed the company to invest massively in the field of medical devices and physical therapy to actively improve the level of quality and efficiency they can offer.

    Here are some new models launched in 2017 that received a great deal of attention at Medica 2018: a new diathermy device (DBR200), a wireless and portable pulsed electromagnetic field device (PEMF – Tecnosix Mag), a bioresonance device (Tecnosix RiEnergy) and a portable proprioceptive board (Pro Board System).

    In this 2018 edition, six more new products were also presented for the first time during the fair:

    Lasersix yag – a high power laser device;
    Urtosix emc –a shockwave device;
    Lasersix HPP –a high power laser pen;
    Ultrasix US – an ultrasound device;
    Stimsix 2 – an electro-stimulation device;
    Combisix UE – a device combining electro-stimulation and ultrasound.

    This 2018 edition of Medica worked as a stage for very innovative proposals in the field of electromedical devices.


    What is the purpose of all these new products? Which design features have propelled the creation of such modern devices?
    As already mentioned, Sixtus Italia were eager to interpret the demands of both professionals and patients and successfully meet their needs.

    That’s why most of these new products follow in the steps of the 2017 proposals by emphasizing portability as their main feature.

    Professionals and sports teams today, are constantly on the move. This creates the need for high quality devices that are also portable and resistant.
    Another common feature for all the new devices is flexibility of operation: physiotherapists can choose whether they wish to use the device in manual mode and set their own therapy routine, or to rely on suggested preset protocols.
    All devices also allow physiotherapists to personalise and record protocols, setting them according to the needs of a patient or a specific therapy.
    Portability, personalisation and autonomy are therefore the main pillars of Sixtus Italia’s vision for the future of electromedical devices.

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