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Interview with volleyball player Sara Loda

Is it possible to do sports even when it's hot and the sun beats down hard? Of course, simply think of those sports activities which were born on the beach and which are now rightfully among the most popular summer sports. We must not forget however that special measures are needed to counteract the effects of high temperatures as is recounted by Sara Loda, a volleyball player of the Savino del Bene Volley Scandicci team who is busy playing in the Lega Volley Summer Tour in some of Italy's most famous seaside resorts whilst waiting for the A1 Volleyball Championship to resume. First of all how did you become so passionate about volleyball and how did you become so successful in sport? My love for volleyball began rather late, in seventh grade, thanks to my mother who trained girls in mini volley. I immediately liked it and from there onwards it just escalated! What skills or talents do you need to reach your level? I think that to manage to play in the Serie A League you have to have a suitable physique, but it’s not enough, you need to make a lot of sacrifices and be very stubborn, never giving up despite hard defeats and fatigue. At the moment you are playing in the Lega Volley Summer Tour, how is it going? We have already done one stage of the tour and we came fifth (the interview took place in mid-July, note). Although it may appear to be the same thing, beach volleyball is very different from volleyball, there are many more variables than in volleyball, for example wind, sun and sand make every gesture much more difficult to do but, like with anything,  you learn by experience and by training! Volleyballers find the transition from indoors to the beach not always easy and quick, there are game mechanics that are only created through training, this is the reason we are sure that we can only improve during the tour! Practicing competitive sports in particularly harsh climatic conditions, as is the case of the Lega Volley Summer Tour, which measures are needed? Playing sports in unfavourable weather conditions involves a greater and more sudden waste of energy, while sweating our body expels minerals and substances which are very important for the necessary energy. To make up for these drops during the activity it is necessary to integrate quickly with drinks and supplements rich in minerals and substances that at that moment unfortunately are running low. Two names: Ipodrink Sport, Pronto Energy Gel. Are they a valid help for sports during the summer? What are they for and when do you use them? I personally use Ipodrink sport throughout the whole season and I am very comfortable; as I sweat a lot I realise that my body needs to integrate all the lost salts. During longer matches, on the other hand, if I realise that I'm really flat, I use Pronto Energy gel, which immediately provides a boost of energy. From beaches to sports arenas: the Savino del Bene Volley Scandicci team is a growing reality. Objectives for the next season? I expect to grow a lot in this season, I have the opportunity to have great champions in the team from whom I can learn a lot, I cannot wait to start!

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