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How to tone the body?

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    How to tone the body?

    Muscle toning is a type of training to increase muscle mass.
    How can this be achieved?
    Simple: Regular exercise increases the body’s vigor by strengthening muscle groups and their volume.
    Men and women will follow different toning programmes to increase muscle volume to have a sporty physique.
    Toning the body is not just about making it more vigorous
    but also about bringing benefits in preventing heart and respiratory diseases.

    What is the difference between firming and toning?

    Toning literally means ‘invigorating, giving strength or tone to muscles‘,
    while firming means ‘making a muscle firm.’
    These two terminologies are unique since they indicate two different types of work done on the body.
    ‘Tone the muscles’ means increasing their ability to contract and support the body;
    therefore, tone is not lost but can be improved by stimulating the muscles with proper nutrition and training.
    Toning flabby muscles means restoring their mass, thus ensuring better circulation and eliminating excessive fat accumulation.
    In general, toning the body’s muscles is necessary to be able to lead a healthy life and bring countless benefits to one’s body.
    For example, good toning allows one to maintain correct posture and
    avoid many ailments due to the decay of muscle fibres.

    How long does it take to tone the body?

    There are several exercises to tone the body, and changes are usually perceptible within two weeks.
    Posture improves dramatically, and even the athlete’s body is stronger.
    Muscle growth occurs between 3 and 4 months, depending on the training program.
    In addition, daily exercise leads to increased appetite, which a quick snack can easily circumvent.
    However, one should take care not to over-exercise:
    overtraining can lead to burnout and loss of lean mass, the results of intense stress on the body.
    It is OK to set goals to achieve, but it is essential to remember that a large part of the work also depends on the energy it takes for your body to recover.
    Especially if an athlete is starting out, we advise proceeding step by step and increasing the training frequency over time.

    Tips to tone the body

    As a rule, the most suitable sports for toning the body are all those that are part of aerobic training, such as running, cycling, swimming, etc.
    Ideally, one should train 2 to 5 times a week but take breaks to avoid over-stressing the body.
    Usually, the parts that are toned the most are the arms, legs and buttocks.
    The choice of exercises to be performed also depends on the goals one has set for oneself.
    In the meantime, here are some exercises for toning the body:

    -Kneeling push-ups: kneel down, cross your ankles, and lift yourself up, keeping your arms out wider than shoulder-width apart. You reach the ground by bending your arms and opening your elbows, and your back must remain straight to avoid injury.
    -Mountain climber: also called the ‘mountaineer’s exercise,’ this is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. You get into a push-up position with your hands shoulder-width apart and place your hands on the floor.
    At this point, bend the right leg, and bring the right knee to the chest while the left leg is extended outwards.
    Then extend the right leg backward by bending the left leg and bringing the left knee towards the chest. Perform a small jump each time to reverse the position.
    -Side plank: with this exercise, lying on the floor on your left side and leaning on your forearm is essential. Your elbow should be on the same line as your shoulder.
    Now contract your abdominals and buttocks, lift your hips off the floor, and keep your legs and core aligned. Raise the straight leg and perform a series of jumps without losing balance.
    -Reverse crunch: In this exercise, the body lies in a supine position with the arms behind the head. Raise the legs and bend the knees until they form a right angle. The calf should be parallel to the floor. At this point, lift the hips and bring the knees towards the chest, but lower the pelvis to the starting position while exhaling.
    -Jumping Jack: Here, you start from a standing position, with legs and arms together.
    You only need to jump by opening your legs and lifting your arms simultaneously. After 10-20 repetitions, return to the starting position and repeat the exercise.

    But that’s not all. The use of specific weights suited to one’s goals allows proper toning of the muscles, but without concentrating all physical activity on them alone.
    Indeed, the body needs to train constantly to maintain its tone,
    but it also needs to rest between training sessions to allow the muscle-rebuilding processes to occur correctly.
    It needs time to change, so it is good to be patient and wait for the training to pay off in the long run.

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