Athletic preparation and recovery

Coping with fatigue and preparing for physical exertion in the right way are fundamental parts of any sport. Follow Sixtus advice on how best to manage your body.

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Postural disequilibrium
Athletic preparation and recovery

Postural disequilibrium: what is it and how is it treated?

Postural imbalances or alterations in posture can cause significant damage over time. Their origin is often multifactorial, resulting from a combination of several elements. read more
bimbo denti
Athletic preparation and recovery

Bruxism in children: how physical therapy can help

In technical language, teeth grinding is also called bruxism. In most cases, this typical grinding noise occurs in night sleep, during which teeth are pressed and rubbed together. Bruxism in children is prevalent. read more
Athletic preparation and recovery

Respiratory physiotherapy

Respiratory physiotherapy aims to make breathing easier by strengthening the respiratory muscles. Let's discover some valuable exercises. read more
Athletic preparation and recovery

Physiotherapy intervention to correct incorrect back posture

Muscular imbalances can cause inadequate or incorrect postural attitudes, let's find out how much and how physiotherapy intervention can help. read more
Athletic preparation and recovery

How to tone the body?

Muscle toning is a type of training to increase muscle mass. How can this be achieved? Simple: Regular exercise increases the body's vigor by strengthening muscle groups and their volume. read more
Athletic preparation and recovery

A fast break with Sixtus Italia!

A movement that can now also count on the collaboration with Sixtus Italia: our legendary bag will in fact become part of the pink basketball team thanks to the agreement signed in recent weeks with the Women's Basketball League.

read more
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