The injuries and healing

Game Ready defines a new recovery model: active compression and a cold exchange loop

Compression and cold work together like never before to speed up the treatment of traumas and post-surgery recovery. This is the principle behind Game Ready, the innovative machine which uses ACCEL™ technology (active compression and cold exchange loops) to create a revolutionary therapeutic system which helps the healing process. When the body suffers a musculoskeletal trauma, it triggers a series of physiological responses in an attempt to avoid damage to the surrounding tissues and to begin its healing process. Inflammation is one of these natural mechanisms. Although it is a fundamental component of the healing process, the inflammatory response causes localised increases in tissue temperature, the formation of oedemas and the lack of oxygen at a cellular level. All this translates into pain which effectively hinders recovery: this is where Game Ready comes into action, by synergistically combining active compression and cold therapies it creates a revolutionary therapeutic system which facilitates the healing process. Game Ready is in fact a huge step forward compared with applying static cold and compression, which passively control pain and swelling, ACCEL technology offers the therapeutic possibility of increasing the lymphatic function, encouraging blood flow and stimulating tissue healing. In short, the possibility of optimising and accelerating the body's natural repair mechanisms. And anyone, whether an established athlete or a normal person, during a post-surgery rehabilitation period, only dreams of resuming everyday life as quickly as possible and Game Ready makes this possible.

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The injuries and healing

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The injuries and healing

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The injuries and healing

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