Food for athletes

RiEnergy, the natural recharge that comes from space

One could call it a machine that comes from space. Yes, because everything starts from the study of living conditions whilst in orbit. Both the Russian space program and NASA have studied and detected the changes in astronauts as a result of their stay in space. These observations prompted scientists to investigate the cause and to discover that the essential factor was the absence of the Earth's magnetic field in space. The 2003 research, conducted at the NASA laboratories by Dr Thomas Goodwin, PhD, led to the discoveries that underlie RiEnergy‘s technology. In the United States where business and sport go hand in hand, even more than in the rest of the world, the stop of a famous athlete not only means a sports damage, but also an economic one. Overseas, there is therefore a constant focus on developing technologies to minimise the risk of accidents or to reduce recovery times. This is where the revolutionary RiEnergy method comes in, it promotes metabolism and microcirculation allowing sportspeople to improve both the cool-down phase and their performances. One of a kind, RiEnergy allows athletes to use it even during their sleep. Which brings a further benefit as another problem for high-performance athletes is their training times: continuous races and matches do not in fact allow to have the necessary time in order to regenerate muscle tissues and cartilage with the risk of shortening their careers and being injured more frequently.  With RiEnergy however, this sleep period is no longer a dead time but actually becomes the moment of recovery and well-being. The mattress supports the athlete's rest, allowing him/her to get to sleep more quickly even after a match when high adrenaline is at its most. In short, just turn on the machine and go to sleep: meanwhile RiEnergy will ease your rest and regenerate worn out tissues and provide more energy for the following day. But how does the mattress work? Our body is made up of 100 trillion cells, whose purpose and function are all different. Each cell draws energy to live completely independently and runs as a small engine, fed by fuel (food) mixed with oxygen (transported by the red blood cells through breathing) and activated by the trigger provided by the electrons supplied by mitochondria. The technology behind RiEnergy works indirectly on nutrition and oxygen, increasing their bioavailability by improving circulation, and directly favouring the production of ATP, as is demonstrated by numerous publications. Not only that, RiEnergy also adapts to the needs of the athlete through specific programs: Relaxation in order to promote well-being in general and in particular relaxing after an intense training activity or after a match. A program designed also to promote the elimination of the harmful substances produced during an effort or stress, contributing to relaxation and therefore to going to sleep. The Relax & Recharge program, after the relaxation phase of the ""Relax"" program, starts a second regenerating phase, designed to help recharge one’s ""batteries"" through Recharge 1 (a program dedicated only to the recharge phase, recommended after training or during the discharge phase), Recharge 2 (for a recharge after a very intense training session or very intense activity, such as a match or a competition), Energy Boost 1 and Energy Boost 2, devoted to stimulating energy production and psychophysical wellbeing in athletes before training or competitions, lasting respectively, 2 and 4 hours. RiEnergy is also a certified medical device equipped with 55 medical programs useful after an accident, an injury, or for inflammatory conditions and various kinds of pain. A single machine with numerous programs which improve the athlete's performance, speed up recovery and bring benefits to the well-being of the sportsperson. A machine suitable for all athletes and any sport: from football to volleyball, from basketball to tennis. And since we are on the eve of the Giro d’ Italia, how can we not mention cycling where the Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team, the international team led by Vincenzo Nibali, coordinated by his Medical staff, has chosen to use RiEnergy during its athletes’ night-time rest.

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Food for athletes

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Food for athletes

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Food for athletes

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