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Product description

Dietary supplement with macronutrients, such as carbohydrates and amino acids and various micronutrients: vitamins, biotin, carnitine and alkalised mineral salts.

Available in 40 30-g sachets.

Re-kupera is ideal for optimising recovery after a performance. It also encourages adaptation to the training stimulus and supercompensation. In particular:

  • Carbohydrates with a different glycaemic index stimulate insulin secretion, allowing the recovery of liver muscle glycogen reserves and promoting anabolic metabolism;
  • Alkalised mineral salts, contained in hypertonic concentrations, are absorbed progressively, favouring muscle “cooling down" by counteracting blood acidification produced by lactic acid;
  • Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) are present in a 2: 1: 1 ratio, optimal for supporting muscle growth and reducing recovery times;
  • Glutamine, chromium and phosphatidylserine optimise insulin response, prevent post-workout stress (promoting the restoration of  correct cortisol blood levels) favouring ammonia clearance;
  • L-carnitine and carnosine buffer the blood acidity induced by lactic acid, speeding up the return of the blood pH to pre-performance levels;
  • Biotin promotes the re-synthesis of carbohydrates and lipids;
  • Policosanol (in high quantities) optimises the metabolism of macronutrients taken with food;
  • The pool of vitamins, contained in a high concentration (>75% of the RDA), favours both the elimination of catabolites (e.g. free radicals) and the anabolic processes.

Its use is recommended after performance in any sport.

Nutritional Information

Per recommended daily dose *% RDA **
Energy value202 kcal
746.5 kJ
Proteins 2.16 g
Carbohydrates 43.5 g
Fats (MCT)1.2 g
Citric acid2.1 g
L-Leucine2.4 g
L-isoleucine1.2 g
L-Valine1.2 g
L-Glutamine1.2 g
L-Carnitine120 mg
Carnosine 36 mg
Phosphatidylserine 6 mg
Inositol750 mg
Polycosanol 60 mg
Calcium 180 mg22.5%
Phosphorus 180 mg22.5%
Sodium 300 mg
Magnesium 30 mg10%
Potassium 600 mg
Chromium 10.8 mcg
Vitamin B10.96 mg 75.48%
Vitamin B21.2 mg75.48%
Vitamin B61.5 mg 75%
Vitamin B120.75 mcg75%
Vitamin PP13.5 mg75%
Pantothenic acid4.88 mg81.36%
Folate 150 mcg75%
Vitamin C45.6 mg76%
Biotin 0.12 mg80%

* 60 g
** RDA = Recommended daily allowance

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