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Pro Board System

Electromedical equipment / Portable equipment / Proprioceptive board

Product description

Pro Board System is a system consisting of an unstable board(Axial or Radial) and a posture sensor (Body 3D) with visual feedback on a PC for proprioceptive re-education and to refine neuromuscular control. 

The PBS software is conceived with graphical indications. It is designed to have an interface with the operator and with the patient/athlete, who will in this way be able to carry out most of the session independently.

 Characteristics of the PBS system 

  • Wireless: no connecting cable, connection via BT; 
  • 3 models: 2 axial boards and 1 radial board; 
  • Table System and trunk Sensor; 
  • 3-axis trunk postural Sensor; 
  • Designed for Windows 8 and higher systems; 
  • Updates; 
  • More than 5 Tests and over 600 protocols; 
  • Protocol Display Editor; 
  • Interactive guide for executing the protocol; 
  • Pro Board System also works on floors which are not perfectlyflat without measurement errors.


Fitness or sports training protocols

  • Posture control;
  • Prevention of accidents (lower limbs and rachis);
  • Segmental stabilisation of the lower limbs; 
  • Stabilisation of thetrunk;
  • Neuromotor endurance;
  • Reduction of synkinesis;
  • Strength of thelower limbs.

Rehabilitation and neuromotor re-education protocols 

  • Foot: correct plantar placement, distribution of the foot load, subtalar and tibiotarsus joint mobility, ankle posture strategy, functional instability, force management.
  • Knee / hip: functional instability, arthritis, hip posture strategies, prosthetics.
  • Rachis: control over the neutral position of the pelvis, back painprevention, "core" functional stability, muscle strengthening withcontrol over the symmetry of the load on the rachis; scoliosis.
  • Balance: proprioceptive control and vestibular emergency reactions, self-correcting posture, anticipatory postural adjustments, vestibular efficiency  static and dynamic postural balance.

Basic configuration 

  • 17” or 22” Axial Board;  
  • 3D Body Sensor;
  • Software PBS.

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