Software to support medical work after the patient visit


1 What is it?
  • 1 What is it?
  • 2 What is it for?
  • 3 How does it work?
  • 4 The benefits

    What is telemedicine?

    Telemedicine uses software support to help the patient and the doctor

    Telemedicine is part of the new technologies developed for the field of medicine. It is software that supports the work of the doctor and physiotherapist following a live examination and subsequent diagnosis. This tool helps patients to view prescribed exercises and monitor the injured or painful part of their body. It also allows the practitioner to follow the patient’s progress.

    What is telemedicine used for?

    Telemedicine supports both the doctor and the patient to treat their problem

    Telemedicine bridges the gap between doctor and patient during the recovery period and after diagnosis. The fact that the patient no longer has to leave home to go to the doctor’s office for every update on their physical condition is one of its greatest advantages. Thanks to telemedicine software, the patient can follow the list of prescribed exercises and keep track of their physical condition. It also allows their doctor to be updated on their progress in real time.

    The platform can be used in any medical field and gives patients a full overview of their condition and progress. Telemedicine will make following patients easier and make them more autonomous.

    How does telemedicine work?

    The patient monitors the progress of the therapy from the comfort of their home

    This is not an actual telemedicine consultation, but rather a software that makes it possible to keep track of all the exercises and updates done by the patient during therapy: it is a system that helps to connect patient and practitioner.

    The benefits of telemedicine

    Telemedicine represents the new frontier in the field of medical examinations and brings the following benefits:

    Reduces the distance between doctor and patient

    Reduces patient’s travel time and saves time

    Monitors patient’s progress

    Helps monitor the patient's health

    All machinery for




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