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Vigorfrutta Mag

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Product description

Food snack, in the form of a 42 g solid fruit jelly, made with concentrated juices (40.6% peach and 31% orange) and lemon juice from concentrate (8% lemon), which counteracts in a natural manner the onset of hunger which may occur during the day and during a competitive effort.

Nutritional Information

For 100 gPer serving
(2 42 g packs)
% N.R.V.*
Energy value206.91 kcal
879.22 kJ
173.80 kcal
738.55 kJ
Of which Sugars
50.98 g
42.82 g
42.82 g
42.42 g
Proteins 0.504 g0.423 g
of which saturated
0.108 g
0.005 g
0.091 g
0.0042 g
Dietary fibre6.66 g 5.59 g
Salt 2.4 mg2 mg
Sodium 0.9 mg0.8 mg
Magnesium 161 mg135 mg36%

Method of use 

We suggest taking 2 42g packs per day, before or during sporting activities, preferably away from main meals.

If you are a physiotherapist or a sports club
you can have a personalized offer!

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