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Protein Cacao (38% Proteins)

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Product description

Energy bar with high protein content (38%) fortified with the addition of extra leucine.

The Energy Formula Protein Cacao formulation represents a very high technical value product, thanks to the substantial content of milk protein (38%), which is present in the form of both whey and casein. In fact, these two different types of proteins have different absorption times, distributing the protein content both immediately (in the case of the whey),  and in the hours following the intake (casein), thus ensuring an effective and lasting protein supply to the muscle. 

Furthermore, the special formulation with leucine, the amino acid essential for “triggering” protein synthesis, promotes the prevention of catabolism and restoring muscle mass. 

The high technical value of the formulation makes it excellent for recovery at the end of the performance or, as a protein snack before night rest, a period when muscle protein synthesis occurs, or on every occasion when protein needs have increased.

Nutritional Information

50 g100 gNRV (x 2 bars)
Energy value212 Kcal/841 kJ423 Kcal/1682 kJ
of which saturated
5.5 g
1 g
11 g
2 g
Of which sugars
18.5 g
18.5 g
37 g
37 g
Dietary fibres1.2 g3.5 g
Proteins 19 g38 g
Salt0.125 mg0.250 g
Vitamin B1660 mcg13.20 mcg60%
Vitamin B39.6 mcg 19.20 mcg60%
Vitamin B6840 mcg1680 mcg60%

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