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Pancasix Evolution

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Product description

Stretching is a fundamental activity; it:

  • prevents muscle tendon injuries;
  • improves performance;
  • increases muscular flexibility;
  • contributes to recovery after physical activity.

Pancasix Evolution allows applying the differentiated global method to patients. With it, you can work with a “degree of stretching” which is adapted to the specific functionality, given that each muscle, from the point of view of its elasticity, is different from other muscles.

Pancasix Evolution allows you to consider patients both through a systemic approach, taking into account all the interconnected variables and through a differentiated one as well. Knowing that the human body is asymmetrical, we can differentiate between the work the right limb is doing from that of the left limb, adapting exercises to each muscle’s specific condition.

Pancasix Evolution is a tool for preventing and treating the main syndromes related to overload of the muscle-tendon apparatus.

Using Pancasix Evolution has positive effects on:

  • the spinal column (back pain);
  • posterior chain (hamstrings; hip flexion);
  • internal posterior chain (adductors, sports hernia);
  • shoulder girdle (shoulder).

PancaSix’s natural fields of application include : sports, rehabilitation, and fitness.

The presence of graded angle scales means that during set-up you can monitor the degree of inclination for the back and for both legs.

Technical specifications

  • Weight 18kg;
  • overall dimensions closed 142.6 x 58 cm, depth 32.6 cm
  • maximum load capacity 110 kg.

If you are a physiotherapist or a sports club
you can have a personalized offer!

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