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Electromedical equipment / Stand alone / Hyperthermia

  • Item code: ENG0292
CE 0476

Product description

Ipersix is a hyperthermia therapeutic device able to generate endogenous heat with a consequent and rapid increase of the local temperature (up to about 44.5°C in 2-3 min) and, at the same time, to cool the tissue layers through a surface thermostat system. 

Equipped with a 7 in. touch screen display.

There are different protocols with which the operator can set the working methods to be used on the patient. 

Technical characteristics

  • Power 100W - Frequency 433.92MHz
  • Applicator with ø 100mm opening of the "Ridged Conical Horn"® typeable to emit electromagnetic waves with an electronic field parallelto the tissues. The wave is generated directly in water for optimalcoupling to the tissues
  • Skin cooling with forced circulation temperature controlledsystem
  • Treatment temperature range: 38°C ÷ 44.5°C
  • Depth of treatment: approx. 0 ÷ 70mm
  • 220V – 50/60 Hz

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