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BLUsix MICRO Lumbar sacral support

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Product description

It is a BLUsix® MICRO product.

The BLUsix MICRO products

The BLUsix® MICRO products are innovative medical devices, patented in Italy and equipped with a particular structure: the material of which they are made is composed of copper and zinc filaments in a silicon matrix which together create a micro current.

The elements are woven in such a way as to create, when worn, an electromagnetic field that surrounds the anatomical areas to be treated, capable of adapting to individual needs and to specific manifestations of pain, oedemas and inflammation of the osteoarticular and muscle-tendon structures.

BLUsix® MICRO is able to influence fundamental biological processes, such as:

  • the bioelectric balance between the inside and outside of the cells;
  • the flow of ions across the cell membranes;
  • the production and release of chemical mediators of pain and inflammation;
  • the repair processes of cells and tissue. 

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