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Easy, practical tool to pick up and carry sport balls.

AgilBalls is an ideal tool to pick up, store and carry soccer (football), basket, 5-a-side soccer(football) and volley balls.
The patented collection system is designed to pick up balls directly from the ground, while maintaining a perfect standing posture, without stressing the back in a pick-up movement.

To pick up the ball with AgilBalls there is no need to bend down: all is required is a slight pressure on the ball, that is captured in the structure without getting out.

Agil Balls is an easy carry-and-store tool for all balls, for home or away games, avoiding the scattering of game equipment.

Made from zinc-coated steel, it is extremely strong and long lasting, weighing only 2.4 kg.

Available in different colors and in two sizes, one for all soccer and volley balls (sizes 3, 4 and 5) and the other for basketball (sizes 6 and 7).

If you are a physiotherapist or a sports club
you can have a personalized offer!

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