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Product description

Dietary supplement of very pure maltodextrin and vitamin B6. Available in 1 kg jars.

Maltodextrin is a chain of variable length glucose polymer. Thanks to its molecular and osmotic characteristics, maltodextrin is an important source of energy for active muscles.

Despite maltodextrin, thanks to their structure, being quickly absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, it guarantees a more sustainable supply of energy compared with simple sugars.

Vitamin B6 is involved in many metabolic reactions which allow nutrients taken with food to be transformed into energy to be spent in vital functions and in sports activities. This is why vitamin B6 contributes to reducing tiredness and fatigue.

The intake of Maltopiù is recommended particularly for endurance sports, such as cycling and running.

Nutritional Information

For 100 gPer dose *% RDA**
Energy valueKcal 384
KJ 1632
Kcal 307.2
KJ 1305.6
Carbohydrates 96 g 76.8 g
Vitamin B61.5 mg1.2 mg85.7%

* 80 g
** RDA = Recommended daily allowance

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