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    Handy Gym is an inertial training equipment, even if in weight (about 1 kg) and in size (20 x 14 x 11 cm) it totally differs from classic flywheel training tools.


    Inertial technology is the leading system in terms of training and / or recovery efficiency, thanks to its ability to offer an extraordinary concentric training, but also an important eccentric training.The secret lies in the internal cone and in the special planetary gear that multiplies by 13.5 times the speed of the axis, allowing to reduce the mass of the disc by 182.25 times, and consequently the weight of the tool.
    The inertial technology allows you to train and train your endurance anywhere, regardless of gravity, without lifting even half a kilo and at the same time guaranteeing better results in complete safety. Generally the muscles are damaged in the phases of deceleration, acceleration and changes of direction sudden. The causes, in these cases, are to be found in the poor resistance of the control muscles, which are often not trained sufficiently. The eccentric resistance generated by Handy Gym can greatly improve the strength of these muscles, can prevent injury and help you recover faster.

    Handy Gym allows for a complete muscle workout.

    VERSATILE: the user can perform hundreds of exercises.
    COMPLETE: allows the training of all muscle groups thanks to the wide range of accessories.
    TECHNOLOGICAL: Provides greater benefits and results than other training equipment.
    LIGHT and PORTABLE: with a weight of less than 1 kg and its small size, Handy Gym represents the true innovation of inertial equipment.

    The pairs of discs are an essential part of Handy Gym as without them there would be no resistance. The resistance levels applied to the training session depend on the level of inertia of the discs chosen and how fast and intense the exercise will be.
    All discs are extremely light and exercise does not involve lifting them.

    - Yellow disc: reduced power - weight 120 g
    - Blue disc: medium power - weight 180 g
    - Red disc: high power - weight 250 g

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    • Channel: physiotherapy, retail, sports clubs
    • Model: elite, go, pro
    • Pack: 1 pc


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