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Issued in July 2019

Cookies are small text files that a website may save to your browser and store on your hard drive; they  are used by websites to track visitors behavior and store temporary information. Generally, there are different types of cookies with different uses: they are divided into technical cookies and profiling cookies (cookies that are used for marketing and promotional purposes).

This website uses technical and analytical cookies. The details are as follows.

Technical cookies are primarily relevant to the website's functionality.They include navigation cookies and session cookies, which allow a user-friendly navigation of the site. There are also the so-called Analytics-Cookies, which collect information, such as the number of the site visitors or the visitor pathway. The group of technical cookies also includes functional cookies, which allow the website to remember choices made by the user (e.g. the filters you have set or  the automatic language setting of a website).

Additionally, there are cookies (profiling cookies) that detect the user’s settings, preferences and actions and by which a user profile is created. This helps to  tailor content or advertisements to match the interests of users, and thus allows to provide targeted advertising to specific groups of users.

When you open a web page using these cookies, a banner is displayed that warns the user that the site operators use cookies for marketing purposes. It also warns the user that the page may possibly allow third-party cookies.

The banner is linked to a page with detailed information (on which you are now), where the user can refuse the registration of the cookies on his/her terminal.

The banner offers the ability to express the user's consent and displays an indication that by continuing to use the site he/she is agreeing to its use of cookies.

Clicking on detailed information does not necessarily imply consent. The banner does not disappear after a certain time, but will remain displayed until the user has allowed, rejected or deliberately chosen to browse over. We are required by law to record and store the user's decision, so the next time the user visits the website, the banner will no longer appear.

You may also refuse to use cookies in a general or selective way. If you don't want to accept our cookies, you can reject them through the web browser.

The corresponding function varies from one browser to another; details can be found below. Please note that refusal to accept cookies could compromise some functions on the site.

The user can selectively disable (opt-out) the collection of data by Google Analytics by installing the Google specific component on his/her browser.

The collection and use of the information obtained through the plug-in are regulated by the relevant privacy policies of social networks, which please refer to.

Sixtus Italia Srl complies with the provisions of the Code for the Protection of Personal Data ("Privacy Code"), as amended by Legislative Decree No 69, dated 28th May 2012, as regards the European Directive 2009/136/EC and in accordance with the provisions of  the Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

You can object to registering cookies on your device by setting the browser used for the website navigation: if you use the – websites without changing the browser settings, we assume that you want to receive all the cookies used by the site and enjoy all the features.

Plug-ins for Social Networks 

The site also incorporates plug-ins and/or buttons for social networks, in order to allow easy sharing of content on your favorite social networks. These plug-ins are programmed so as not to set any cookies at page access, to safeguard the privacy of users. If necessary, cookies are set, if so provided by social networks, only when the user makes effective and voluntary use of the plug-in. If the user navigates being logged into the social network, then he has already consented to the use of the cookies transmitted via this site at the time of joining the social network.