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Looking towards the future to anticipate the present

Consumer products and electromedical equipment

We strive to identify innovative solutions to offer our customers on a daily basis. We believe that to stay competitive, we need to look around and continuously improve.

This is the vision company founders wish to convey and the spirit with which Sixtus has been working for over 40 years.

Health, well-being and healthy competition are the founding values of any sport. Respecting these principles and working on a daily basis with a focus on the dissemination and promotion of sports education is what makes us proud of our company. For this reason, each product belonging to the Sixtus Italia brand represents an aid to the achievement of sports results and therefore to affirming the principles of sport.

Research is one of the flagships of a company that has always looked towards the future to anticipate the present. In our research centre, a team of professionals works around the clock to develop state-of-the-art electromedical equipment. The objective of this Sixtus Italia channel is to ensure the provision of the best possible assistance to sports professionals, in order to have strong allies that help us achieve the goals and objectives we set for ourselves on a daily basis.

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