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Sixtus Italia

Before and after sports there’s us, in the middle there’s you!

Sixtus Italia is a leader in the Italian market

Sport is competition, sweat, fun. It is a part of our lives. It is passion at all levels, amateur or professional. We practice sports because we have a goal, large or small, and to reach it we need to rely on a health and wellness professional, such as Sixtus Italia.

Inspired by this conviction back in 1974 a company was established in Tuscany, which today operates in the Italian market with a focus on the direct distribution of products and equipment to sports clubs, retail outlets, medical institutions and physiotherapy centres, designed to ensure the physical well-being of all athletes.

Steady growth throughout Italy eventually allowed Sixtus Italia to expand its horizons beyond the national borders. In 2005, after more than 30 years in business, the company expanded its products sales network into foreign markets, where an increasing number of professional clubs covering a wide range of disciplines have chosen to partner with the Tuscan company.

Over the years Sixtus Italia achieved increasingly ambitious goals and continued to grow and today, the company is a leader in the Italian market.

Sixtus Italia channels


We work on a daily basis to identify the very best technologies that offer the medical equipment sector leading products aimed at the prevention, treatment and recovery from trauma and joint muscle injuries.

We offer a wide range of electromedical equipment used in the sports medicine and physiotherapy sectors, which facilitate the autonomous treatment of injuries or treatment with the assistance of a professional operator.


Sports clubs

The position of leadership in our sector is amply demonstrated by the reputation of our partners in the sports world.

Medical staff working for leading Italian sports clubs rely on our products and services to support their athletes.



A number of our products are available in pharmacies throughout Italy.


Physiotherapy and sports medicine

We offer professional and amateur athletes and operators in the medical physiotherapy field with a 360-degree support.



Since 2005, we have been exporting our products to 30 countries around the world, relying on approximately 70 distributors.


A success story that reaches back in time

That of Sixtus Italia is a story that reaches back in time, inspired by an insight of company President Mauro Marrucci: it is 1974 and everything starts in a pharmacy in Empoli (Florence), where Mauro managed the pharmaceuticals sector with the help of his friend Patrizio Capecchi.

Fascinated by the world of sports, Mauro Marrucci is able to understand before anyone else that professional companies operating in the market of products for the physical well-being of athletes are still lacking in Italy. It is the right insight that leads to the founding of a company that years later would become an Italian leader in the industry.

With courage and determination, Mauro Marrucci would leave his job and throw himself headlong into an enormous and seemingly impossible challenge: re-evaluating the role of the physiotherapist, erroneously considered a sort of “witch doctor”, a dispenser of miracle creams and bandages.

And so MediMarc was established, company that began to distribute natural oils and creams, health products and supplements on the Italian market.

The company’s success was so immediate that it soon paved the way for Media Marc to produce a line under its own brand: Sixtus Italia. The first operators to believe in the new company were the large football clubs of the Italian Serie A, which are soon imitated by many teams from the lower categories, arriving all the way to the amateur sector. A growing success story which has never slowed down in more than 40 years of business activity, as evidenced by the growing number of clubs and champions from different sports disciplines who continue to choose Sixtus Italia as the solution for their physical well-being.