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Gloria Peritore

Athletes / Gloria Peritore

Gloria Peritore, nicknamed “The Shadow” because of her movements in the ring, is originally from Licata, Sicily, but has now been living for several years in Florence where she trains at the Kickboxing Club Firenze with maestro Paolo Morelli. During the last 4 years she has taken part in several international fights, such as the Bellator and Oktagon world class events, two of the most important organisations in the world for kickboxing and MMA.

She has achieved numerous sporting achievements among which we highlight: 

  • Italian Light Contact runner-up 2011
  • Italian Light Contact champion 2012
  • Italian Full contact champion 2012
  • Wtka Amateur world champion 2012
  • Italian Professionals Fight1 champion 2014-2015
  • ISKA Amateur World Champion 2014 (Iska World Championships - Lloret de Mar Spain); 
  • winner of Oktagon 2015
  • winner of Oktagon 2016 for KOT (Venum Victory World Series);
  • winner of Bellator Kickboxing 2016 (St. Louis, United States).

Gloria was the first Italian woman to win the Bellator and to take part in the first Bellator World Title in Florence in 2016. She made her MMA debut in 2017 winning by submission in the first round. 

Gloria is committed to the fight to end violence against women, she was chosen by the municipality of Florence as Testimonial for "Donne in Guardia (Women en garde)". 

She has received several prizes and awards during her career such as "Personaggio Per lo Sport" in Florence in 2016 and received the prestigious Villa Vogel Award in Florence for sporting merits. 

She was also elected "Best Fighter Of The Years FIGHT1" in 2016.

Titles won

  • Winner Bellator - Dynamite2; 
  • Winner Oktagon 2016; 
  • Winner Oktagon 2015; 
  • 2015 – Italian National Professional K1 Champion, 55kg (1 defence); 
  • 2014 – ISKA Amateur World Kickboxing Champion;
  • 2013 – IASKA Amateur World K1 Champion; 
  • 2012 – WTKA Amateur World Kickboxing Champion; 
  • 2012 – Italian Amateur Kickboxing Champion; 
  • 2011 – Italian Light Contact Champion.