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Operating in the sector since 1974

Our mission

Caring for the body is not just a detail. It Is a real life philosophy, it is what drives Sixtus Italia in its continuous search for excellence. The corporate strategy is aimed at the creation, marketing and sale of premium quality sport products.

Putting the very best product possible at the service of athletes: Sixtus Italia’s main goal, which with its decades of experience has stood alongside sports clubs, individual champions and sports enterprises, driven by the firm belief that successes are built day by day through training, prevention and full recovery from injuries, together with the ability to be on top of your game at the right time. For us, every success achieved by one of our partners, is a success for our company.

Standing alongside those who practice physical activities, at every level and in every category: this is the founding principle of Sixtus Italia, which like all athletes has its sight set towards the future, because every result is a starting point towards new challenges and new goals to be achieved.

Our core values

Our culture

Working in the world of sports, at all levels and across different sports disciplines, means fully embracing its values. Physical well-being is as important as healthy competition and fair play between clubs and athletes. For these reasons, Sixtus Italia’s commitment reaches far beyond its business activities: through our communication channels we wish to pass on to youngsters the importance of sport as a means of social cohesion, of greater inclusiveness and of acceptance of others.

A 360 degrees commitment

Sports culture is reflected in every aspect of Sixtus Italia’s business operations. Within each department the values of respect, cohesion and teamwork have been a constant for more than 40 years. Moreover, with a workforce consisting of more than 50% women, we guarantee the promotion and protection of equal opportunities. We strongly believe in the importance and value of female skills, a genuine corporate strength.

We also carry out charity activities supporting the Meyer Children's Hospital Foundation. We share values, projects and fully embrace the cause of the Foundation based in Florence, sharing the same territory to which we have been deeply committed since the early days of our company. The Foundation carries out activities that very much mirror our own: a continuous effort to improve research, technology and innovation, aimed at the welfare of children.

Passion for our work

The best ideas are rooted in passion. That passion which athletes put into their training on a daily basis, and which for Sixtus Italia represents the drive to find the very best solutions to meet the needs of the professional: developing products for psycho-physical well-being means, first and foremost, trying to understand the needs and to anticipate the wants of those who love sports.

The search for quality and innovation

Sixtus Italia is rooted in the courage and the ability to anticipate the times. These values have been part of our work for over 40 years, because as a business, looking ahead with the confidence of offering excellent quality in every product you sell, is only possible through experience.

Our vision

Sixtus Italia’s goal is to grow the world of sports through products that are the result of constant research and attention to detail: we question ourselves and every choice we make, in our continuous search of a better idea to implement. We devote our resources to training and updating physicians and physiotherapists, because we believe keeping up with the times and experimenting with new solutions is the winning model in sports as well as in research.